Dimensões do produto montado

Comprimento: 52 cm / each unit
Largura: 20 cm / each unit
Altura: 52 cm / each unit
Peso máximo: 6 kg / each unit

Medidas e peso da embalagem

Comprimento: 122
Largura: 102
Altura: 120
Peso máximo: 122 Kg
Quantidade: Palete Total

Especificações do produto

Cork (Natural Agglomerate Cork)

Características principais:
Exploring cork as a base material for design, CORQUE develops high quality eco-design products (furniture and accessories), introducing a new concept “Designing Living Objects” – the design of new exclusive and differentiated products with unique sensorial properties and exceptional environmental characteristics.

Memória descritiva:
Cellula is a modular cork system inspired by the microscopic cellular structure of cork translated into a modular system. The product consists of 6 modules that can be organized according to the needs of the user in a “puzzle” format (e.g. library). The modules are made of high density natural agglomerate cork, and measure 520 x 520 x 200 mm (max).

Notas relevantes:

Minimum quantities apply: 10 units (modules) minimum order.
Delivery time: 30/60 days (to confirm).