Dimensões do produto montado

Comprimento: 100cm
Largura: 60cm
Altura: 171cm
Peso máximo: 340Kg

Medidas e peso da embalagem

Comprimento: 119cm
Largura: 73cm
Altura: 192cm
Peso máximo: 440Kg

Especificações do produto

Numbered from 01 to 30.
Body: exterior in Pearl Gray Corian®. Available Swarovski® crystals in Amethyst, Capri Blue or Siam colour.
Interior: coated with Palisander wood veneer, with a satin varnish finishing.
Jambs drawers: coated with Gold or Silver leaf.
Características principais:
This piece comprises 14 cylinders, 9 are drawers. Two drawers contain a base for bottles and a base for glasses.
The exterior is made of thermo molded Pearl Gray Corian®, with manual inlay of 36 242 Swarovski® crystals in Amethyst colour.
The interior is completely coated with Palisander wood, with a satin varnish finishing. The jambs drawers are inlaid and coated with gold leaf.
Memória descritiva:
In traditional Portuguese society, crochet was taught over long winter evenings around the fire place. Starting from the basics, and evolving to complex and knotty artistic methods, this art was performed and preserved through sharing and defy, in a strong discipline environment and shared commitment, to a higher standard of recognised perfection in outstanding patterns. ALMA DE LUCE® is exposing the uniqueness of this trousseau made with crochet, whose cultural significance exceeds the value of each piece, and does so through the reinterpretation of standards using crystals. The combination between some of the material’s shining intensity, and the pattern astonishing detail, will definitely produce an outstanding sense of wonder nearby, no matter where.
Instruções de uso e manutenção:
The Corian® should be clean with a microfiber cloth and warm water, followed by a soft dry cloth. To clean smudges we recommend a microfiber cloth with a creamy soap. Then clean with a dry cloth.
In the lacquered and varnished parts, to maintain brightness, clean with a moisted soft cloth followed by a dry cloth.
In the Swarovski® crystals use a dry soft lint-free cloth to maximize the brightness.
Do not use alcohol or derivatives for cleaning.
Descrição de acabamentos do produto:
Manual inlay of Swarovski® crystals;
Handcrafted gold leaf;
Thermo molded Corian®;