Dimensões do produto montado

Comprimento: 40 cm
Largura: 40 cm
Altura: 48 cm
Peso máximo: 6 kg

Medidas e peso da embalagem

Comprimento: 41 cm
Largura: 41 cm
Altura: 51 CM
Peso máximo: 7 KG
Quantidade: Cartão

Especificações do produto

– Oak or walnut wood veneer (top).
– 100% natural agglomerated dark cork (base).
Características principais:
These versatile tables combine natural materials, with four sizes and eight different coloured frame finishes and work separately or together.
Memória descritiva:
FLORA is a set of low tables that refers to the plants that we offer to the ones we love. Each plant is special and contains a unique signature in nature, so when we offer a plant we are communicating a special feeling to someone. FLORA tables explore this act of give-and-take, so there is a similarity between taking care of plants and taking care of the objects that are special for us. These versatile tables combine natural materials, such as agglomerated black cork that represents the soil and wood that represents the stalk and the leaf. With four sizes and six different coloured frame finishes, FLORA tables can be used separately or together. Thus, it is possible to build unique messages to communicate to those we love.

Instruções de uso e manutenção:
– Frequent dusting of the wood and cork will help maintain its natural characteristics. Use a dry, soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner.
– To keep the color of the wood and cork, avoid the direct sunlight and the rain.
– Do not use abrasive detergent or any abrasive cleaning product.
– To protect the surface of the cork, verify if the type of the floor can damage the surface.
Descrição de acabamentos do produto:
– Coloured matt varnish (top) and ‘cold white’, ‘grumpy black’, ‘dry yellow’, ’fond orange’, ‘luxury red’, ‘elegant grey’, ‘scared blue’ or ‘sleepy green’ (feet).
– Colourless aqueous coating with properties of water repellency, oil, stains and dirt as well as high resistance to UV and aging. This keeps the natural characteristics of the cork (touch and breathability).