Kyuten Kawashima

  • 1966 Born in Tokyo, Japan

  • Leaves his house at age 18 and becomes a practitioner of Temple Takanozan

  • At age 30, he accomplishes sawing techniques and starts his career in the

    fashion business creating custom made denims

  • At age 33, he wins the grand prix of an unofficial (LMVH group) remade denims

  • Then, he establishes his custom made remake denim brand KYUTEN, which

    combines Nishijin silk fabrics with vintage Levis 501s.

  • In 2005, he receives an offer from male fashion magazine LEON for an official

    collaboration project.

  • In the same year, ex Versace co-designer Hideki Matsui contacted him to

    collaborate to create a white denim for Kazufumi Miyazawa, famous vocalist of

    rock band “THE BOOM” for the white band official book.

  • In 2009, he signs an exclusive contract with select shop LOVELESS

  • He continues to receive orders from Japanese and foreign celebrities to create

    high quality remake denims.