Naperon – 101

Fotografia de produto por One Letter Photography ::

Fotografia de produto por One Letter Photography ::

Fotografia de produto por One Letter Photography ::

Fotografia de produto por One Letter Photography ::

Dimensões do produto montado

Comprimento: 95cm
Largura: 55cm
Altura: 172cm
Peso máximo: 66Kg

Medidas e peso da embalagem

Comprimento: 98cm
Largura: 60cm
Altura: 185cm
Peso máximo: 129Kg

Especificações do produto

Crystals, wood, stucco
Características principais:
Numbered from 01 to 30.
Cabinet in high gloss, black lacquered wood with manual inlay of 2 072 Swarovski® crystals in Topaz colour.

The interior is manually painted in golden metallic stucco finished with high gloss varnish and comprised by two drawers and shelves.
The legs are made of solid walnut with high gloss varnish finishing.
Memória descritiva:
The naperon is like a blank verse waiting for its destiny.
Much more than yarns, patterns and sizes, crochet conquered a major importance over time in people’s lives. With NAPERON cabinet, ALMA DE LUCE® intends to recover the tradition, the techniques passed down from generation to generation but for which there is no record, and transform it into a contemporary look that is distinguished by a sense of taste and a sophisticated touch.
Alma de Luce gives it a new meaning, making it last forever, and unleashing the verse that proclaims its destiny.
Instruções de uso e manutenção:
Clean and care:
In the lacquered and varnished parts, to maintain brightness, clean with a moisted soft cloth followed by a dry cloth.
In the Swarovski® crystals use a dry soft lint-free cloth to maximize the brightness.
Do not use alcohol or derivatives for cleaning.
To clean the fabric use a cloth moisted with warm water and rub gently, then wipe with a dry cloth.
Do not expose the piece to direct sunlight to prevent color damage, and do not place in contact with hot objects or near sources of heat.
Handling Care:
To move lift the piece do not drag. Before handling remove all objects within.
Ensure that the base is straight and leveled to ensure the proper function of doors and drawers.
Do not put weight or lean on the doors when they are open.
Avoid placing sharp objects on the piece to prevent scratches.
Do not overload the piece with a weight over 5kg.
In case of doubt please advise with a specialized technician from ALMA DE LUCE® through
Descrição de acabamentos do produto:
Manual inlay of Swarovski® crystals;
Manual painting with metallic stucco;