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Dubai Design Week 2020

9 Novembro, 2020 @ 10:00

Dubai Design District, 9-14 November 2020.

Associative Design showcases ‘The Best of Portugal’ in Dubai Design Week

As part of Dubai Design Week 2020, Associative Design will showcase ‘The Best of Portugal’ at Design District, a key area in Dubai for design promotion.

Created by the Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP), Associative Design promotes Portuguese brands and products globally.

Taking place in November every year, Dubai Design Week is known as the best platform for regional design and a catalyst for the growth and support of the creative community in Dubai and the UAE, Dubai Design Week aims to provide a dynamic environment where design meets opportunity, and economic diversity and cross-disciplinary collaboration is encouraged.

The festival’s varied programme covers a range of design disciplines including architecture, product design, interiors, multimedia and graphic design.

Key components of Dubai Design Week include the region’s leading fair for high-quality, original design, Downtown Design, hybrid talks and workshops programmes, this is the perfect event for Associative Design’s artistic showcase.

Bringing Portuguese flair and creativity to Dubai Design Week, the Associative Design showcase will feature the interior of a Concept House, 100% design and produced in Portugal, presenting a mix of innovation, sustainability and contemporary design in all the furniture, lighting, textiles and objects d’art included in this showcase.

The UAE luxury furniture market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 2.5% during the forecast period.
  • The furniture market in the UAE region is highly competitive owing to the rising demand of furniture and furnishing products. This rise in demand has led to the growing domestic demand and emergence of multiple players catering to the same target audience for luxury furniture products.
  • Manufacturers and retailers operating in the region compete on almost the same grounds of quality of the product and the material used to manufacture the product.
  • Imports play a major role in the UAE luxury furniture market, the penetration of Italian made luxury furniture is high among the consumers in the region. Major Italian furniture manufacturers have been providing their products in the country either through their own showrooms or multi-brand retail stores.
  • The rising construction and real estate sector in the country plays a major role in driving the demand for finished luxury furniture products for the next few years. Also, the governments’ initiatives to develop tourism and hospitality industry which is estimated to contribute approximately 12% of the country’s GDP is also expected to play a major role in UAE luxury furniture market over the forecast period.

Key Market Trends – Growth of Real Estate Sector

  • In UAE alone 55,000 homes and 40,000 new hotel rooms were constructed in 2017. It has been observed that 70% of the timber and wood products are used for construction purposes while the remaining 30% is used in real estate, interiors, furniture and other industry applications.
  • The demand for furniture is likely to go up in the near future as Dubai will add 40,000 new hotel rooms and service apartments to meet the growing demand of tourists following the “Expo 2020” in Dubai, which is for a period of 1 year from 2020 to 2021.

Changing consumer preferences towards luxury goods 

  • With more than 90% of the population residing in urban areas and the rising disposable income per capita, the preference for luxury products is high among the consumers in UAE. Abu dhabi and Dubai account for more than 50% of the overall population in the country.
  • The UAE is a ready-made market for luxury brands – tourism, combined with a wealthy population, are big drivers for the sector.
  • Dubai alone accounts for 30% of the Middle East’s luxury market. One study found that UAE citizens spend around 30% of their monthly salaries on luxury goods.
  • The UAE was recently eighth in a list of countries whose consumers are trading up from mid-market brands. Established international brands have more advantage, as foreign products account for 58% of all UAE purchases.
| Achillesince1905 |

Achilles since 1905, Founded in Lisbon, in 1905, the brand Achilles Since 1905 specialized in production and design of exquisite metal pieces, designed to complement several details in an interior space. In this brand you may find the perfect metal hardware for your custom made furniture, curtains, staircases, handrails and door handles, always with a huge rigor and quality as if it were a jewel, with lifetime warranty, presenting an impressive collection of molds, around 50.000, most of them from handles with over 500 years of history. All their pieces are chiseled by hand, giving them a unique value and high-quality details.

Above: Handmade metal hardware by Achilles since 1905




AROUNDtheTREE is an Award-Winning European Original Brand of Signature Design Furniture, a responsible brand that aims to create unique furniture pieces, exclusive and timeless pieces through the harmony of innovative designers and the tradition of craftsmanship. Is also an inclusive brand that embraces environmental issues, seeking responsible partners and suppliers.

Always inspired by nature, we create unique pieces designed with all detail and functional character.

In the end, we like to think that our pieces accumulate stories as they go from Generation to Generation until they become …. T I M E L E S S.

Above: Bica Chair; PR Lounge by AROUNDtheTREE




Creativemary designs and manufactures exclusive artisanal lamps since 2012 and have been on many trade shows since. Our expert production is one of the few in Europe that still combines glass and metal work through traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Above: Lamps by Creative Mary



| Castro Wood Floors |

 Manufacturing wood floors at family company Castro e Filhos since 1970, Castro Wood Floors are a product of the company’s dedication and commitment to wood and craftsmanship. Products include hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring and decking. Castro Wood Floors will showcase its Deck floor.




Once a small family-owned woodworking workshop, DeFontes expanded over the years and now offers a custom-made approach to its customers. More than just a furniture maker, DeFontes has forged relationships with companies that embrace interior architecture and product design, to offer an all-round service. It will present the desk Mrs. Note and the armchair William.

Above: Mrs Note by De Fontes




Founded in 1946, Ferreira de Sá Rugs is currently one of the biggest and oldest existing companies producing hand-made rugs in Europe. Located in a small town in the north of Portugal, it started off as a small manufacturer and quickly evolved into a large-scale organization.

The company offers three different production techniques: the Hand-tufting, the Portuguese Hand-knotting (often called Beiriz Stitch) and the Hand-weaving. All of them are operated by talented artisans who share a passion for handcrafted and bespoke carpets and rugs.

Above:  Decamuflage pink  by Ferreira de Sá Rugs




Globaldis is a distributor of wood and wood products targeted at professionals as well as individuals

The company integrates VICAIMA Group, a reference of solidity and entrepreneurial dynamism in Portugal.Globaldis is the exclusive distributor of VICAIMA products and distinguishes itself by presenting a unique range on the market, including doors, floors, panels, woods, accessories and components. GLOBALDIS is a distributor of wood and wood products targeted at professionals. GLOBALDISis the exclusive distributor of VICAIMA products and distinguishes itself by presenting a unique range of products in the market, which include doors, flooring, panels, wood and components. The blend of tradition and innovation defines the strategically oriented approach that GLOBALDIS intends to develop towards its customers and business partners.

Above: Globaldeck by Globaldis



| Homel Design Furniture |

Homel Design Furniture, design and produces furniture for homes and hotels.

This brand contradicts the trend of micro-specialization and bets on the control and autonomy of the entire process of design and manufacture. The investment in human and material resources represent the guarantee of satisfaction of its customers who find in the brand Homel objects of desire.

Above: hotel furniture by Homel Furniture



| João Bruno Design |

 João Bruno Design, Through the fusion of craftsmanship and design, a singular and inspiring vision emerges. In each piece the hand of the artisan is always present, and one is drawn into a subtle mastery, and clear depth of purpose. Precision and harmony flow. Taking humble and ordinary woollen yarn, the threads are interlaced into different forms and vibrant webs of colour, creating new and extraordinarily unique objects. In his work João Bruno Videira draws on a geometry that lifts the spirit and intensifies all the senses.

Above: wool pouf  by João Bruno Design



| JSC Technology |

JSC Technology is a brand that produces and sells wood, gas and electric range cookers.

Cooking and heating innovation has always been a feature of JSC Technology products.

Over the last 36 years, JSC Technology produces and sells their products around the world.

The company was born in 1984 and from this time they have worked hard to expand and improve their product range, their range cookers are diversified and advanced, and can easily satisfy the needs and preferences of today’s consumer.

Above: Kitchen Island by JSC Technology



| Magyk Art Image |

Magyk Art Image offers a large gallery of exclusive numbered and certified photographs that cover a wide range of themes, each one with an unique and personal touch.

In addition to our catalogs offer, we work directly with architects and interior designers, responding swiftly and effectively to their specific needs for bespoke projects as different as home decorations, hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, health centers, show rooms, retail stores.

The main target is the production of High Quality Images, from Small to XLarge formats, on photographic paper, fine art, canvas and blacklight in several types of finish – aluminum with Polycarbonate, moldings in brass, stainless steel, fiberglass, noble and lacquered woods.

Also study and project light boxes, lighting makes it even more stunning a fantastic image.

Above: High Quality Images by Magyk Art Image



| Malabar |

Malabar designs and crafts exclusive artisanal furniture with a distinct artistic aesthetic. Combining wood, our designers’ vision and our artisan’s know-how results in refined, classic and yet contemporary furniture. All of our pieces are produced with noble, premium and durable materials such as wood, brass, gold and silver leafs, among others, by talented craftsmen and artists.

Above: Cortez dining table by Malabar



| Mamoa |

With Mamoa the focus is on the intentions of developing solutions through exclusive services to each project, with high-quality results that are adapted to the client’s needs.
Their products can be customized regarding materials, fabrics, finishing or measures, in order to integrate and complement each environment with high-quality results that aim to be adapted perfectly to every client’s needs.

Above: Chantelle sofa by Mamoa



| Molaflex |

In 1951, Molaflex started its activity in S. João da Madeira, and since then the company has been a pioneer in the manufacture of mattresses, taking the lead in the national market for rest systems. They invest in innovation through the constant introduction of new technologies, combined with the Group’s know-how.
In order to follow the evolution of tastes and new demands from consumers, they work hard to anticipate with original products and solutions.

Above: metress infinity pocket by molaflex



| Nauu Design |

Nauu Design was born in 2013 out of an experience of more than two decades related to Interior Design in Portugal. It is a brand that conceptualizes; designs and produces luxury & exclusive furniture. NAUU DESIGN’s main mission is to offer a design that stresses quality, excellence and distinction, anchored on the most innovative joinery techniques. In accordance with our values and mission, our goals align with elevating Portuguese production beyond.

Above: Bacchus sideboard by Nauu Design



| Ottiu |

Reinterpreting the mid-century lifestyle, Ottiu designs unique upholstery pieces with an exquisite design. Each upholstery piece tells you a glamorous story about the Hollywood Golden Era. Ottiu is related to the time when you forget about the world outside and get into your own. Enjoying life’s pleasures and what makes you feel balanced and relaxed. Ottiu – beyond upholstery offers you all the key elements to create your own retreat at your house. Using all the details your décor needs, full of comfort and sophistication.
Working side by side with our specialized craftsmen, each piece is created like a unique piece of art. From the foundation in a handcrafted solid wood structure to the last details of the high-quality finishing.

Above: Diana Sofa by Ottiu



| Vista Alegre |

Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to producing porcelain in Portugal. Vista Alegre produces porcelain tableware, decorative pieces, giftware, hotelware, high quality glass and crystal, and 18/10 stainless steel cutlery. In addition to using state-of-the-art production techniques, the porcelain factory also employs 17 hand painters, who are responsible for decorating the pieces produced. By offering products in a wide variety of styles, from classical to contemporary, the brand appeals to a wide range of consumers. The modern heir of a long cultural tradition, Vista Alegre has been able to embrace contemporary values, which are reflected in countless collections created by prestigious international designers, such as Carsten Gollnick, Sam Baron, Karim Rashid, Joana Vasconcelos, Roberto Chichorro and Christian Lacroix, amongst many others.

Above, Designer Ross Lovegrove working at Vista Alegre in Ílhavo, Portugal

Above: Vista Alegre, design by Ross Lovegrove



| X8 Solutions Group|

X8 Solutions Group Portuguese furniture brand X8 Chairs & Tables, a label whose mission is to highlight natural materials in a world that merges traditional craftsmanship and technology. Established in 2005, is a brand of future-focused products that are clean, elegant and filled with Portuguese warmth.

Above: X8 Solutions Group

From the 7th until 14st November Associative Design will present every day, exclusive VIP brunches, offering the finest Portuguese food and non-alcoholic drinks, plus a chance to meet the Portuguese representatives from Associative Design and the selected brands. Featuring an expertly curated mix of contemporary and luxury Portuguese design and innovation, including furniture, lighting and objects d’art. The showcase incorporates new designs from seventeen luxury furniture brands Achilles since 1905, AROUNDtheTREE,

Creativemary, Castro Wood Floors, DeFontes, Ferreira de Sá Rugs, Globaldis, Homel Design Furniture, João Bruno Design, JSC Technology Group, Magyk, Malabar, Mamoa Design, Molaflex,  Nauu,  Ottiu,  Vista Alegre, and X8 Solutions Group

Dates: 7th to 14st november 2020

Address: Dubai Design District 9-14 November 2020. Retail Unit 2, Building 6, Dubai Design District (d3)

For further information on Associative Design email: associativedesign@aimmp.pt

For hi-res press images contact Salete Peixinho at Associative Design on associativedesign@aimmp.pt | @associativedesign


About Associative Design

Associative Design is a brand by the Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP). It aims to develop and promote the production of Portuguese products and launch challenges that will contribute to innovation in the use of both technology and design. A brand of excellence, Associative Design will support, represent and promote companies that share this vision, taking their products further into exciting new markets.

Associative Design’s partners are brands approved by its Technical Committee (made up of three members of the design and crafts community), for their performance in product design, market alignment, trend standing or design-ledre-industrialisation.www.associativedesign.com @associativedesign


About AIMMP: Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries

AIMMP’s mission is to represent, promote and protect the interests of Portuguese companies from the five sectorial divisions that make up the wood and and furniture sector: cutting,felling, sawing and wood packing; panels and panelled wood, carpentry and alike; furniture and alike; export, import and distribution of wood and derivatives. These industries exports € 2.5 billion per year. www.aimmp.pt

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Retail Unit 2, Building 6, Dubai Design District (d3)

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9 Novembro, 2020
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