Within AD Design Week, a cycle of conferences will happen “DESIGN: people, materials and tendencies” on the 27th and 28th of July, between 2.30 and 5.30 pm. 

Two days filled with meaning and iconic personalities from the national and international design industry.  


On the first day “Design: dialogue between two worlds” by Carolina Palombo and Iman Abdel will be be the highlight.

Carolina Palombo, is known for her multiple designs, her range and reflects her work on craftsmanship with a contemporary vigour, exploring different possibilities when it comes to materials and designs. Iman Abdel is an extraordinary architecture and interior design teacher that makes daily efforts to create a challenging learning environment.

Still on the first day, the“Talk de Frank Zierenberg” is among the highlights. Frank Zierenberg works for iF International Forum Design since 2003 where he idealised, organised , lead various projects, being in charge of iF DESIGN AWARD desde 2012.

Portuguese designers’ paths will be part of this first day. Alexandre Caldas, Artur Soares and Miguel Soeiro, with the mediation of Salete Peixinho, project manager for Associative Design – The Best of Portugal.

Alexandre Caldas is responsible for the conception of AROUNDtheTREE piece and, particularly, of PORTUGUESE ROOTS CHAIR. Currently, Artur Soares is an architect and creative director of Designer’s Mint Studio, where architectural and design projects are developed having collaborations with international design studios in Bespoke projects. They develop the branding “Duquesa & Malvada” and “Mister Doe”. Product designer, Miguel Soeiro, has more than a decade of experience in the design industry sand is recognised as a leader by the industry, having worked with iconic brands like Ligne Roset, Cinna, Zara Home, Viarco, Porventura, among others.


“Talk between Kees Hoogendijk and Marlon Cera: Art & Design from the idea until the project”. This is the first big highlight of the second day of this conference cycle. Kees Hoogendijk is a manager for Royal CBM, a Dutch organisation that employs furniture and interior designer in the Netherlands. Marlon Cera is responsible for the Design da Media 10 portfolio which includes the main international fairs ClerKenwell Design Week and Design London.

On this second day Mónica Pinto, Frederico Iturria and Carolina Bianchi and Vitor Bertier will also be present in a talk with mediation from Elisabete Teixeira, a furniture journalist.

Empowered by her vision and passion, designer Mónica Pinto, launched her first brand MOKKI Design, where memories are the main element of her imaginary.

The educar and experience of Frederico Iturria and Carolina Bianchi made Studio Muar. At Studio Muar, they different scales developed projects in architecture, interior design, furniture design and product design as well as design consultation. 

Victor Bertier, interior designer, founder of a interior and exterior design practice with his name, develops decoration, furniture design and 3D projects.

The “Rue Kothary Talk” will be another highlight from this second day. Active mentor of emerging talents, Rue Kothary is a creative consultant for design companies and leader in finding the right opportunities within the industry. 

Last but not least, “Design in the  common strategy of Fileira Casa” will be the last highlight of this cycle. Isabel Quintas, expert on Fileira Casa – AICEP Portugal Global, as a mediator.